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student loan advice

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  • Get a manageable payment amount based on your cash flows 
  • Have confidence around your refinancing or consolidation strategy
  • Quantify and compare different repayment strategy costs
  • Prevent expensive mistakes in pursuit of PSLF
  • Get your loan payment strategy on track TODAY.

Don’t Light Your Cash On Fire


Student loan repayment can be ridiculously complex

Servicers are no help, processing takes forever, good information is hard to come by. 

Put it all together and you’ve got a mess on your hands — a really expensive mess.

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Let me take a look at your situation, understand your ambitions for employment, and help you come up with a clear path toward loan repayment optimization.

Meet Justin

Justin Harvey, CFP®, ChFC®, RICP®

President and Founder

My wife Sarah and I live in Philadelphia, PA, and she is an anesthesia resident at University of Pennsylvania.  We have walked the path of establishing a financial foundation as a couple (it’s an ongoing process!), and this experience has shown me how valuable good planning can be for anesthesia residents and attending physicians.  I’m dedicating my practice to serving individuals and families just like us.

I spent my first few years in the industry witnessing firsthand how the power of specialization can be leveraged into significant earnings power in my work with corporate executives and entrepreneurs.  The experience I gained there allowed me to see this powerful principle in action: the methods used to earn a significant income, and the methods used to keep and grow that income and transform it over time into meaningful wealth, are two distinct strategies.  Specialization can turbocharge expected earnings, but income stream and asset base diversification is a more effective way to retain and grow those earnings. At APM Wealth, I take these principles and turn them into strategies that I enact on behalf of my clients to help them achieve their financial goals.

These days, I spend much of my time learning, writing, and reading about the practice of anesthesia in its various subspecialties, settings, compensation models and business formats, and I work hard to understand the implications of these practices in the lives of my clients so that I can provide unparalleled financial planning advice that is savvy to the unique dynamics of the vocation which my clients pursue.

When I’m not helping my clients, you might find me enjoying some of Philly’s finest pizza with Sarah (I recommend Santucci’s), going for a run, playing the guitar, or taking some out-of-town friends/family on a tour to see the Liberty Bell and pose on top of the “Rocky Steps”.  Although I’m from Pittsburgh originally, over the last eleven-plus years I’ve grown to love the city of Philadelphia, and all of its character(s). A graduate from Villanova’s school of business, I have continued my commitment to ongoing education and development in my field.  My credentials include the following:


– ChFC


– B.S. Finance and Business Honors, Villanova University

– Cum Laude Graduate / Presidential Scholar

– Adjunct Professor of Finance, Villanova University

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