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by | Jul 2, 2018



– – What’s up everybody. Justin Harvey here at APM Wealth. Hope you’re doing well.  I have a special offer today for any anesthesia residents or attending anesthesiologists who have experienced a recent transition in employment. I wanna get to that in just a minute.

First of all, you may have noticed I’ve been on a couple week hiatus. I am now a married man. I was married a couple weeks ago in Portland to my now wife Sarah, and could not be happier about it. Took a couple weeks and was off the grid, but I’m now back, I am engaged and I’m looking forward to some of the content that I’m going to be producing for you guys in July and beyond.

So real quick, July is an important month, as you know in the medical community, because for residents, it’s when they shift from one residency year to another, or when you transition to a fellowship, or, for anybody concluding their training period, this is when you’re going to take that first role as an attending. Now whenever you’re doing that, there’s a lot of moving financial parts and things to think about, financially speaking. And I have created a guide, a several page PDF that helps to distill the important considerations for physicians who are transitioning in employment.

It gives you some important things to think about as you’re making those changes. I’m going to put a link to that document here.

Hopefully you’ll find it to be a useful resource. I’ve got a lot more content that I’m gonna be producing in the coming days, but that’s all I wanted to throw out there for you today, welcome myself back and put a little content into your hands. Hope everybody has a great Monday.


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