Our Fee Structure

Financial planning fees are assessed for planning and advice services and are provided on an ongoing basis. Investment management fees are separate. As investment management fees grow, the financial planning fee is reduced to zero.

Please see the below schedule which summarizes applicable planning fees:


Assets Managed

Planning Fees


Wealth Builder Practice Owner
<$250,000 $499/mo $799/mo $1,199/mo
$250,000 – $500,000 $375/mo $599/mo $899/mo
$500,000 – $750,000 $250/mo $399/mo $599/mo
$750,000 – $1mm $125/mo $199/mo $299/mo
+$1mm $0/mo $0/mo $0/mo
AUM fees are billed quarterly, as follows:
Assets Managed Quarterly Asset-based fee Annualized Asset-Based Fee
On the first $1mm 0.375% 1.50%
On the next $2mm 0.1875% 0.75%
On the next $2mm 0.125% 0.50%
On the next $5mm 0.0625% 0.25%
On assets over $10mm 0.0375% 0.15%
Note that the above fee schedules assume that all investment assets (outside of employer plans) will be managed by APM Wealth, LLC when reasonable. Significant outside assets not managed by APM Wealth, LLC may necessitate an increased financial planning fee which will be negotiated in advance.