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Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive planning is the backbone of our services.  This is an ongoing engagement where we systematically work through all of the different facets of your financial life, to make sure that it’s a well-oiled machine.

Investment Management

Investment management is included in the cost of comprehensive financial planning.  Our institutional partnerships enable us to pass along best-in-class investment solutions to our clients — we worry about the investments, so you don’t have to.

Planning For Residents & Fellows

If you are an anesthesia resident or fellow, you have unique needs and opportunities with regards to your financial situation.  Let us help you avoid costly mistakes and put you on the track to success!

Explaining The Process

Financial Planning

As an anesthesiologist or pain specialist, your high-earning specialty gives you significant potential for financial optimization.  The positive impact of good planning will be felt by you and your family immediately and will last for decades.

Our planning process has two phases, plan design (year 1) and plan implementation (years 2+).  This process is custom-tailored to fit your financial priorities as well as your schedule.

The Financial Planning Process

Year One: Design The Plan

The first year will be an opportunity to get organized, identify preliminary goals, and address acute needs.

  • There are generally 4-6 meetings that occur in year 1, depending on client need.
  • This time period is meant to do a full review of all applicable financial and personal information.
  • We will work with you to gather required documents and coordinate with third parties as necessary.
  • Your accounts will be aggregated for increased transparency.
  • We will be available as-needed via phone or email for ongoing support.
  • We will develop a master plan that will serve as the starting point for the plan implementation phase.

Year Two: Make It Happen

In the second year and beyond we will work to put the plan recommendations into action.

  • There are generally 2-3 meetings that occur in year 2+, depending on client need.
  • We will systematize savings strategies and debt paydown in accordance with plan.
  • We will coordinate efforts with other financial professionals to enact strategy when necessary.
  • Ongoing monitoring and accountability will ensure plan progress and help prevent a good plan from “gathering dust”.
  • We will be available as-needed via phone or email for ongoing support.
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Investment Management Services

Our Philosophy

Philosophical alignment on the investment front is critical to a successful engagement.  Our investment approach is characterized by the following considerations:

  • Controlling costs is critical.  Our investment solutions involve conscientious cost-management, and cost around 0.3% annually.
  • Investment turnover should be kept to a minimum.  We transact only when necessary and our funds are low-turnover.
  • Discipline matters.  Systematic rebalancing is a good check to both greed and fear.
  • Global exposure is key.  Broad equity and fixed income diversification is a core tenet.
  • We categorically do not pick stocks, use technical analysis, try to spot sector trends, try to anticipate market selloffs or rebounds, or use complex options or commodities strategies to “hedge risk”.  Investing, when done well, is boring.

Our Institutional Partners Include:

Set up a call to learn more about our investment strategies.

Anesthesia/Pain Residents & Fellows

Ongoing Financial Planning Starting At $99/mo

If you’re looking for an ongoing partner to help with student loan payback and debt management, setting up employer benefits, ensuring that you get the right insurance policies in place to protect your future income, looking at your cash flows, we offer special comprehensive planning and project-based rates for young physicians who want help with these items.


We are proudly a fee-only firm.  This means that we earn no commissions, kickbacks, referral fees, transaction-based fees, or any payment from anyone other than our clients.  Furthermore, there is no AUM fee for managed assets.  Our financial planning and investment management services are provided for one flat annual fee, billable monthly or quarterly.

This fee structure is a strategic business decision that resulted from a desire to make our fees maximally transparent and easy to understand for our clients. For too long the financial industry has hidden behind conflicts of interest and opaque compensation mechanisms to take advantage of unsuspecting investors.  At APM Wealth we pride ourselves on one flat, transparent fee.  No tricks, no hidden agenda.  Just an honest fee number in exchange for honest advice.

Our flat fee is based on net worth, as illustrated by the below table.



Net Worth*
Monthly Fee
Quarterly Fee
Annual Fee
< $499,999 $499 $1,497 $5,988
$500,000 – $749,999 $575 $1,725 $6,900
$750,000 – $999,999 $650 $1,950 $7,800
$1mm – $1.499mm $750 $2,250 $9,000
$1.5mm – $2.499mm $875 $2,625 $10,500
$2.5mm – $3.999mm $1,050 $3,150 $12,600
>$4mm $1,250 $3,750 $15,000

*Defined as “everything you own minus everything that you owe”, includes primary residence equity and excludes vacation properties, closely held businesses, cars, other personal assets and intellectual property.


Below are a few examples to illustrate this pricing structure.


Kendra, The Critical Care Fellow

Kendra just started her critical care fellowship at a university hospital and is earning $75,000 per year.  She has $325,000 in student loans, $10,000 in a Roth IRA, and minimal other financial assets or liabilities.  She would qualify for the discounted resident/fellow rate of $1,188 per year ($99/mo).  Once she becomes an attending, the cost will be $5,988 per year ($499/mo) until her net worth exceeds $500,000.

Michele, The Early-Career Attending

Michele is four years into her first attending role at a private practice pain clinic.  She owns a condo worth $450,000 which has a mortgage of $200,000 ($250k net equity).  She has $100,000 in her company 401k, $20,000 in a Roth IRA, and $150,000 in cash accounts.  Her total net worth is $520,000.  Her flat annual fee is $6,900 per year ($575/mo).

Jordan, The Established Attending

Jordan is 47 years old and has been practicing clinical anesthesia for 12 years in academic and private practice settings.  He is currently working for a large anesthesia company in the northeast.  His wife is a general surgeon at a nearby hospital.  They have $1,400,000 in employer retirement accounts, $1,000,000 in cash and taxable investment accounts and $300,000 of equity in their home. Their net worth is $2.7mm.  Their flat annual fee is $12,600 per year ($1,050/mo).

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