The Personal CFO Model

The Planning Process: Tailored To Your Needs

Everyone is at a different checkpoint on the wealth-building journey.

Whether you’re just finishing fellowship, moving toward a sale of your practice, or somewhere in between, we organize and explain your finances and serve as quarterback for your wealth strategy.

Here’s what you get:


Objective, Fiduciary Relationship

A Trusted Advisor For Your Complex Questions

Financial Coaching Tailored To Anesthesiology & Pain Management

Institutional Investment Management Solutions

A Team Of Qualified Experts

Our Financial Planning Paradigm

Financial planning is a process, not a static document. Our services can be broken down into five main categories. Here’s an idea of what you can expect:

1. Build Wealth
  1. Specialty-specific salary benchmarking
  2. Analysis of compensation structure
  3. Contract negotiation
  4. Debt repayment strategies
  5. Practice & ASC buy-in due diligence
  6. Self employment income planning
2. Keep Wealth
  1. Retirement plan funding strategies
  2. Tax-optimized savings hierarchies
  3. Self employment retirement plans
  4. Collaboration with your CPA provides integrated advice
  5. Spending analysis & targeted savings rates
3. Grow Wealth
  1. Institutional investment partners
  2. Long-term, disciplined investment approach
  3. Low cost, broadly diversified solutions
  4. Cohesive strategy including liquid investments, businesses, and real estate
  5. Analysis of medical practice financial reporting (P&L, cash flows, balance sheet)
4. Protect Wealth
  1. Build and direct your risk management team (legal, insurance)
  2. Personal insurance strategies (life, disability, other)
  3. Specialty-specific professional insurance (medmal, cyber, other)
  4. Estate planning, trust formation, guardianship for your kids
5. Align Wealth
  1. Build confidence in your financial future
  2. Identify and define core values
  3. Increase transparency and communication with your finances
  4. Make sure the ladder you’re climbing is on the correct wall
  5. Create intentionality around generosity, impact, legacy, lifestyle, and relationships
Each financial plan is as unique as the client for whom it’s designed. To learn more about how we enact these strategies for our clients, book a call today!

Investment Management Services

Some clients need investment management services in addition to financial planning. Our institutional partners include Dimensional Fund Advisors, Vanguard, and TD Ameritrade.
Our investment approach is characterized by the following core philosophies:
  • Controlling costs is critical.  Our investment solutions involve conscientious cost-management, and cost ~0.3% annually.
  • Investment turnover should be kept to a minimum.  We transact only when necessary and our funds are low-turnover.
  • Discipline matters.  Systematic rebalancing is a good check to both greed and fear.
  • Global exposure is key.  Broad equity and fixed income diversification is a core tenet.
  • We categorically do not pick stocks, use technical analysis, try to spot sector trends, try to anticipate market selloffs or rebounds, or use complex options or commodities strategies to “hedge risk”.  Investing, when done well, is boring.

Our Institutional Partners Include:

Set up a call to learn more about our investment strategies.

How APM Wealth Gets Paid

Our firm is fee only. This means that we receive no commissions or compensation from other institutions. We work and advocate solely for our clients.

Planning service tiers vary based on complexity:

Foundations – $499/mo

New-in-practice physicians & low-complexity households:
  • Earn less than $500,000 per year
  • Have little/no self employment, K1 or 1099 income
  • Have a net worth of less than $1mm
  • Unmarried or stay-at-home spouse

Wealth Builder – $799/mo

Established attendings, self employment income households:
  • K1 or 1099 income exceeding $100,000
  • Household income $500k-$1mm
  • Income from more than one entity
  • Utilize a self-employment retirement plan

Practice Owner – $1,199/mo

High income physicians with significant business and tax complexity:
  • Require integration of your practice’s professional team (legal, tax, insurance, etc.)
  • Company retirement plan
  • Household income +$1mm
  • Two or more tax returns

Investment management can be provided for an additional fee. As investments grow, financial planning fees are reduced to zero. More on our fee structure here.

Set up a call today to review our planning process in detail and get a personalized quote.